The Sudden Death of Cameron Boyce

Being a huge Disney fan, we've watched Cameron grow up right before our eyes. From playing Luke on the hit show "Jessie", to his pretty wicked character Carlos from the trailblazing movie "Descendants". It saddens us to hear of his sudden death at the very young age of 20 years old. Cameron passed away in his sleep due to a seizure which was a result of an ongoing medical condition for which he was being treated.

His talent goes far beyond just acting, he was also known for his incredible dance moves. He was such an awesome performer. Even with all of his amazing endeavors, he never forgot to give back. It's been said that he was mostly involved with the Thirst Project, a nonprofit that provides communities with safe drinking water.

Earlier on Monday, Cameron’s father broke his silence on his son’s tragic death:

“I’m overwhelmed with the love and support our family has received,” Victor Boyce wrote on Twitter, saying that the outpouring of well-wishes the family has received has helped to “ease the pain of this nightmare I can’t wake up from.”...“I can’t thank you guys enough,” he wrote.

Close costars have expressed disbelief following his death...

Actor Adam Sandler, who played Cameron's father in the "Grown Ups" movie franchise, offered a heart-felt eulogy on Twitter:

"Too young. Too sweet. Too funny. Just the nicest, most talented, and most decent kid around. Loved that kid," wrote Sandler. "Cared so much about his family. Cared so much about the world. Thank you, Cameron, for all you gave to us. So much more was on the way. All our hearts are broken." Sandler concluded his message by sending his "deepest condolences" to Boyce's "amazing family."

Actress China Anne McClain, who portrays Uma, the daughter of Ursula, in the Descendants film posted a tearful video:

“I don’t really believe that this is actually happening and my mind is just shut down at this point and I’m feeling numb and empty, while going through the emotions,” she said on Sunday. “To Mr. Vic, Mrs. Libby and Maya … I’m so sorry. You guys lost something that the rest of us didn’t lose. You guys lost a son, a brother, and I lost, my best friend…my closest friend, my longest friend. I will never again have a friend like Cameron.”

Actress Peyton List, who played Cameron's older sister on "Jessie" sent out her emotional tribute on Instagram captioned, "Heartbroken":

"He was younger than me but taught me how to spread love and kindness more than anyone that has ever been in my life,” she wrote. “He lifted everyone around him, and inspired/pushed me to be a better person than I ever would’ve been without his guidance, patience, and love...I can barely see my eyes anymore from crying so hard. I love you with every ounce of me, and I thank you for the time I had with you, being in my life, and being my brother forever and always… Heaven has gained a beautiful soul.”

Actress Skai Jackson, who played Cameron's younger sister on "Jessie" posted a behind the scenes photo and wrote:

“I don’t even know where to start… I am at a loss for words. I never thought in a million years I would be writing this. Cam, you were one of a kind. My heart will be forever broken. I am so happy that I got to spend almost everyday with you on set, you gave the best hugs. I wish I would have hugged you tighter when I saw you a couple of months ago. Thank you so much for being the big brother I never had… I am so distraught and I cannot stop crying! I love you so much… fly high 👼🏼 💔😢 Gods best Angel.”

Actor Karan Brar, who played Cameron's younger brother on "Jessie" took to twitter to share his memories:

"I can only say that I thank life and God for crossing you on my way, today I lost my best friend I'm going to miss you so much I'm going to miss you, I love you, I love you, I love you...We practically grew up together, we graduated together and since I met you we were always together, unfortunately life separated us today. But I know that u will be in a much better place. I'm never going to forget that, have it for sure.

Actress Debby Ryan posted a tribute to Cameron, sharing with her followers a video of Cameron as he shared some wise words in a speech:

"It's crazy, we can tweet whenever we want and we can use social media and Instagram and make the world a better place, instead of a worse one, which so many people use it for," Boyce says in the video clip shared to Ryan's Instagram stories. "We need to use our resources and...what we have and make the world a better place for other people, other people, people who need us."

Cameron will be sincerely missed! We want to send our deepest condolences to his family friends, and castmates. We're praying for your strength.

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